Friday, April 15, 2011

Pedemonte-Colalto 2011

Planned a long ride but the previsione said it would rain in the afternoon.  So I picked a quick one- the 1200 meter climb up Piancavallo to Colalto.

After an 8km roll down Via Pedemontane (160m), I turned right and hit the 8-10% wall.  This  mellows to 8% for awhile, then returns to 12-14% for a lengthy stretch below Rifugio Bornass (767m).  I remained seated almost the whole time, which made my right glute quite sore, so had to stretch it some.  Continuing on up 10-12%, then mellowing to 6-7% on the remaining climb to Caldastia (1090m).  Here I turned onto the beautiful backroad to Colalto.  Climbs through lovely grassy meadows above the escarpment, until nearing the the ridge of Colalto, where it tilts upward to 11-14% through beech forest.  The road levels out at 1353 meters.

I donned my windjacket and headed down the mountain, gingerly at first on the rocky back road to Caldastia, faster on the wider but somewhat rough main road to Bornass, then full speed down the new pavement to the bottom.  Hit 76 kph on the steep 12-14% stretch, which was fun.

At the bottom they were paving Via Pedmontane up to Costa, so it will be nice and smooth from now on.  Great ride and didn't feel very tired when I got home less than 3 hours after starting.  Decided to go to the cycling champions exhibit in Pordenone in the afternoon (see next post).

1200 meter climb in 15km for 7.9% average grade

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