Friday, April 8, 2011

Monte Frascone

This morning was overcast and a little chilly, so I over-dressed.   After cruising down Via Pedemontana through Caneva and Anzano to Vittorio Veneto, I stopped north of town to strip off the windjacket and tights- too hot.  Then I turned on the road for Valdobbiadene, and climbed to Longhere.  From here, a few km to Revine Lago.  I couldn't find the turnoff for Monte Frascone, and rode up several streets (one with 20% grade) in the little town looking for the road.  Eventually I headed west out of town, and finally found the turnoff.

The beginning (starting at 233m) isn't bad, riding up through the town, and then more steeply up past a pretty church above town, Santo Francesco di Paola (400m) around 2 km.   The next 2 km average 10%, with brief chances to breathe at the ends of some tornanti.  Then it gets worse- in the following 2 km you gain 236m elevation, averaging 12% with long stretches of 13%.  I had remained seated till here- now I had to stand most of the time.  Eventually the grade finally eases for a few hundred meters, then it's right back to almost 10% average for another couple kilometers.  At the end it mellows out for couple hundred meters until pavement ends at Pian delle Femene.

I'd reached the top last fall, but there was a biting fly invasion, so I turned around immediately.  This time I got to enjoy the lovely meadows and rustic farmhouses.  Very peaceful place.

The descent is fast (wide road with good pavement)- quite fun.  At Revine Lago I turned left and continued descending to SS52, the main road north from Vittorio Veneto.  I then continued for 40 km, through Vittorio Veneto and Anzano  to home.   Must have had a tailwind- seemed easy.  Didn't bonk and no serious leg fatigue this time.

Great climb- recommended!

Pretty meadows at Pian delle Femene

A farmhouse on the grassy slopes 

The southeast slopes of Monte Frascone; in background Monte Pizzoc

Revine Lago with some of the lower switchbacks in foreground

A stone house along the climb to Pian delle Femene

Gradient average 9.7% for 9 km

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