Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monte Prat - Orton - Campone

This ride is a chain of climbs I've done before, but never all in the the same day. Together they include 1666 meters of climbing in a 40 km stretch. It was quite overcast and threatened to rain, so I didn't take the camera. Luckily I made it home without getting soaked.

The first, Monte Prat, is a long moderate climb with beautiful views of Fiume Tagliamento, Monte Ragogna, San Daniele, Monte Chiampon (see pictures here ). It starts with a series of steep tornanti from Val d'Arzino up to Forgaria. After Forgaria there's a steep climb out, then continues less-steeply to San Rocco. After San Rocco it steepens again and climbs a series of tornanti to Monte Prat, a lovely rolling meadow. Here the narrow road enters a pretty forest, with an easy climb up to Val Tochel, 894 meters. I took a break here, enjoyed the view of the meadow and the east peak of Monte Cuar looming overhead. Then down the long descent through pine-covered mountain slopes to Val d'Arzino (350 meters).

Here the second climb starts, my favorite section of the ride. The road from Pielungo to Orton (699 meters) is cloaked in a dense canopy of beech trees, so thick I had to take off my sunglasses to see. It is silent except for birds singing and falling water. The climb continues until Forno, where it descends briefly through meadows with sheep and cows, then the road points upward again. At Orton I headed down through the beech forest to Gerchia (Pradis di Sotto) at 535 meters.

Here begins a very moderate climb to Piani di Clauzetto (675 meters). The first stretch passes through beautiful karst formations near Grotto Verde. Then a long straight road to the little pass. Then the lovely descent along Torrente Chiarzò to Campone and on to Lago di Tramonti (nice pics here ).

Elevation Monte Prat, Orton, Piani di Clauzetto

Climb from Forgaria to Monte Prat

Climb from Val d'Arzino to Orton

From Gerchia to I Piani di Clauzetto and Campone

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