Friday, May 28, 2010

Avasinis - Cuel di Forchia

This climb was included in stage 18 of the 2006 Giro d'Italia. It starts in Avasinis, a frazione of Trasaghis near Lago Cavazzo. The approach is very flat and easy, making all the more startling the sudden tilt upward to 14% for the first 400 meters of tornantini. I stood to climb this section, and was glad I did. After 400 meters the climb eases to a mere 11% briefly, then ramps to 16% for a few hundred more meters.

The next stretch through beautiful forest averages around 8-9% for several kilometers. It's very shady and quiet. But my revery was soon interrupted by another 250 meter ramp of 18%. The pavement was damp from the clouds, and every 50 meters or so smooth metal rain channels cross the road, so traction was a problem. But I finally made it to the lovely open area at the top of the climb. It was cloudy so views of surrounding mountains and Lago di Cavazzo were obscured, but it was still beautiful. The road then drops down about 50 meters and climbs to the actual pass, Cuel di Forchia, which separates Monte Cuar from Monte Covria.

From here the road hugs the side of a ridge until finally reaching Val Tochel. Here is a crossroads- the right descends to Val d'Arzino, the left descends to Monte Prat and Forgaria (the 2006 Giro stage route). I rested here awhile and enjoyed the singing birds, frogs, etc (there is a little marsh with cattails up here at 900 meters). Peaceful spot.

Mountains to north

Looking back at the pass: Monte Cuar on the left, Monte Covria on the right

Murale for Giro on tornanti above Forgaria

Nice bike

More of the murale

Map of the climb

The gradient

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