Friday, May 21, 2010


An easy climb with spectacular scenery, up the Valcellina to Claut (655 meters).

After Montereale and the 4 km tunnel I arrived at Barcis. Lago di Barcis is filled to the max- no more room for additional snowmelt or rain runoff. And the Cellina is still flowing full tilt- I've never seen it filled bank to bank before- usually it meanders through smaller channels in the wider riverbed. Very nice to hear the white water when ascending up the canyon (on the way downhill the wind noise drowns it out).

I rode through Claut, continued up the valley to Lesis and finally the end of asfalto at Pian dei Muscol. Here it was deserted- all I could hear was the river, birds singing, and the clanking of cow bells in the meadows above. There is a hiking trail from here to some fossilized dinosaur tracks, discovered by visiting school children in 1994. Speak of the devil, when I headed back I encountered a large group of schoolchildren hiking up to see the fossils.

The ride home was fast- mostly slight downhill. This was negated somewhat by a strong headwind whipping up the gorge, but wasn't too bad. Only had one gust start to blow me sideways, and I caught it quickly.

Big bend of Fiume Cellina, with Monte Pinzat in background

Upper Cellina, above Claut, with Col Nudo in background

Upper Cellina near Lesis

Upper Cellina near Lesis

Meadows at Pian dei Muscol

Snowmelt-swollen Fiume Cellina above Lago di Barcis
For more details on Valcellina

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