Sunday, June 10, 2018

Strada degli Alpini MTB

I rode up Valcellina to Claut then crossed the river at Matan.  Here starts the tough gravel climb to Casera Resettum at 1462 meters.  Descend briefly to the junction with the trail for Casera Colciavas and ride the rough road to 1513 meters.  Follow the sign toward  Forcella Clautana, down the swichbacks to 1432 meters.  Now descend on Strada degli Alpini, a beautiful military road from WW I.  There are a few washed out rocky sections and tree falls,  but even I was able to ride much of it downhill.  Eventually you reach the abandoned dwellings of Tranconere, cross Torrente Silisea, and ascend the gravel road to Panuch.  From there down to the dam Lago Ca’Selva, to Meduno and home.

I owe this ride to Erminio, a MTBer I met riding up Pala Barzana 6 or 7 years ago.  He recomended the climb to me and after 3 or 4 tentative attempts I finally made it.

Forcella Clautana marker

Northwest of forcella

The way down

Yellow cascading blossoms along the trail

Strada degli Alpini toward Lago Ca'Selva

Loose gravel most of the way

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