Saturday, June 23, 2018

Malga Monte Rest Hike

I drove to Tramonti di Sopra intending to continue driving to the pass, but the road was still closed for landslide repairs.  So I walked all the way.  The road from the pass to Malga Monte Rest is surprisingly good.  I’ll try MTBing it someday (some parts may be too steep).   The view from the altopiano is spectacular.  I’ll try to reach the summit next time for a 360 degree panorama. The trail connects to Preone as well, another future adventure.  Glorious hike.

Noisy stream

A cool lenticular cloud

View from trail toward the upper Tagliamento

Similar a bit higher up

Looking south down Fiume Meduno 

Beautiful grassy bald

Cima di Monte Rest

Peaks to the northwest


Southerly view

Looking back: the vertical escarpment
on the edge of Monte Rest

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