Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tesis - Meduno Loop

The rain finally stopped and temps have risen into the high 40s Fahrenheit.  Today's ride began with a long slightly-downhill glide to Tesis, in the middle of the Magredi' gravel beds.  It was overcast, making the Magredi' seem even more desolate and foreboding.  I turned north at Tesis and soon crossed the Torrente Colvera bridge.  The river is usually only a trickle but a week's rain had transformed it into a good sized stream.   A couple of Italian Mangusta helicopter gun ships were training at extremely low altitude among the scant trees along the river, actually landing and re- starting at times.  That's how sparsely populated the area is, military training interferes with no one.

I passed through Arba and Cavasso Nuovo, where I turned east toward Meduno.  Just below town I headed south and climbed the morainic hills north of Sequals, then continued to Maniago and home.  Very pleasant ride.     

South toward the Adriatico

Rain flowing from the mountains through the Magredi'

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