Friday, January 12, 2018

Col Spizzat Snowshoe

We’ve had slightly warmer weather (thanks to the scirocco), rain on the snowpack and melting/refreezing cycles.   It wasn’t all bad though because the previous deep powder was very strenuous to snowshoe through.  Instead today I walked on icy snow in the shadowy bits and slightly moist snow on the sunny streches.  Much easier.

From Col Alto I headed east over a little pass to Casera Caseratte and then off-pista to an area devoid of human tracks, only a few rabbit prints, below Col Spizzat.  Very pretty area.  Eventually I meandered onto a human trail above Casera Valfreddo and back to the pass.  Fun snowhike.

Little alter commemorating a saint at the pass

View to the east

Adriatic Sea peeping over the hill

Col Spizzat cliffs (try to climb this summer)

Monte Cavallo Gruppo over a snowbowl

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