Sunday, April 10, 2016

Via Guitcillo da Montanara MTB

Beautiful April morning with hundreds of bike riders on Via Pedemontane.  At Rugulo I weaved through a crowd coming out of church and continued on to Montaner.  I turned right on Via Guitcillo da Montanara and started suffering up the precipice.  I made it all the way up without stopping but I was too tired to celebrate.  Soon the dirt road turns to a grass path, which ends by a stone house.  Here you push the bike up over boulders to a deer stand in a clearing and then scramble up an embankment onto a gravel road.  Unfortunately the Garmin screen was tapped by some of the tangled branches and paused the track.  I blithely continued on my way but no navigation data was being  collected.  Not to worry though, I have the track from this exact route from a couple of years.  If you need to plan your route it's here:  Via-Guitcillo-da-Montanara

After some sali/scendi I arrived at the highway from Vittorio Veneto to Cansiglio.  After a few hundred meters I turned off pavement again on the road to Col Oliver.  This eventually connects to Strada dei Patriarchi and then the highway from Cansiglio to Caneva/Sarone.  Great ride. 
Gotta get down from these cold clouds into the sunshine

Death Climb from Montaner to end of pavement

Today's partial track

Complete track from 2 years ago

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