Friday, April 15, 2016

Cadolten Malga Coro MTB

This is my third time up this climb and I think it's becoming a favorite.  You can access it from either Sonego or Osigo, but I think the latter begins out slightly more gradually.  That helps get you in the right frame of mind.  There are numerous concreted ramps on the steepest sections which also helps.

The scenery is lovely forested mountainside with views of foothills and plains in the distance.  Once you reach the alto piano of Cadolten you cross rolling grassland and then a conifer forest which is perpetually shady and still snowy in mid-April.  Here I tried a new road up to Malga Coro.  This was on a grassy hill with great views in all directions.  It was cold and windy up there though so I turned back.  

A short ride brings you to the Monte Pizzoc road (still snowed-in above Cadolten), then to the strada provinciale toward Caneva (only traffic: a young man walking a cow).  I turned off onto Strada dei Patriarchi and cruised all the way down to Villa di Villa and the car.  Need to explore this area more.

Snowy coniferous forest road at Cadolten

Monte Pizzoc from Malga Coro

Watering hole near Cadolten


The climb from Osigo

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