Sunday, December 13, 2015

Forchia di Meduno

Another good training climb, this time from Meduno to Forchia di Meduno: 4.2 km averaging 8.1%.  There are many options from Forchia: on road bike to Monte Valinis where you can watch paragliders leap off the precipices and try to land in the wind, or you can descend steeply to Campone and go up to Piani di Clauzetto.

If you're MTBing you can continue on the gravel road up to Monte Cereis, with option of rock-scrambling to top of  Monte Chiarandeit (haven't tried that yet).  Then a bit further down the road is a turn off for Monte Mulon I want to try next year.  If we continue snowless maybe I could do that in the next month or two.

View northwest from Forchia showing gravel road up Monte Cereis

Monte Mulon from Monte Valinis/Campone junction

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  1. This used to be one of my favourite training climbs