Tuesday, December 8, 2015


For some reason I always pass through Clauzetto instead of visiting there.  It's really a lovely place though.  The climb up is good training, 6km averaging 6.5% gradient.  And there are numerous deviations and side trips you can take.

Today though I rode up to the road junction to Pradis di Sopra at 600 meters.  Perfect weather, light traffic because of the holiday, and several huge packs of rides, Meschio and some other clubs I didn't recognize.  

I was ravenous when I got home but luckily I'd made some pizza dough and put it on the heater to rise while I was gone.  So I had hot pizza 40 minutes after returning.  A perfect day! 

Looking west from Clauzetto

Monte Ragona from near Clauzetto chiesa

Campanile on the edge of the ridge, visible for miles

To the southeast: hills of Castelnovo del Friuli and Tagliamento River

Clauzetto from the town church, with mountains to northwest

Campanile from southwest

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