Sunday, November 29, 2015

Monte San Lorenzo

Another favorite training climb.  Like Val de Croda, Monte San Lorenzo is not too long and just steep enough to really make you work without injuring yourself.  To reach it go east past Maniago toward Fanna and turn left on Via Vals.  It's very wide smooth pavement for the huge rock haulers running between Cava San Lorenzo and the cement mill by Fanna.  On Sundays the road is deserted. 

At the crest 500 meters I stopped to take photos then descended north to Val Colvera.  A short ride from there to outskirts of Poffabro, where you take a right along Val Muie, a favorite road of mine: rolling hills, tumbling streams and beautiful wilderness scenery.  At Navarrons descend to Torrente Meduna then up to Meduno.  From there back across the Meduna, through Cavasso Nuovo, Maniago and home.  Great cold, clear weather ride.  

East toward Colline di Sequals

The pretty woods you climb through to Monte San Lorenzo

Monte Raut to the north

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