Sunday, November 8, 2015

Collarbone Ops Check

I fell and broke my collarbone 7 weeks ago* and today decided it was time to give it a try.  Rode the flattish circuit to Montereale, San Foca, San Leonardo and home.  Collarbone felt fine and even withstood pulling up on the bars when climbing out of the saddle.  The weather is stupendous this week: temps in the low 20℃ range, dead calm, and clear.  Feels like September.

*Very strange accident on a road I've ridden thousands of times through Marsure, after the strettoia at intersection with Via Wassermann, where the road surface changes to pavé and some decorative squares of round cobbles for a few meters.  Don't remember what happened: I came to on my left side, still clipped in the pedals.  I staggered to my feet, put my chain back on the ring and rode away.  No road rash, just a scraped elbow and knee.  I continued on with my errands but noticed my left arm hurt when I raised it so I stopped by the base clinic. They X-rayed me, put my left arm in a sling and I called my wife for a ride home.  7 weeks later it's good as new except for a weird bump sticking out of my upper left chest.  Doc said the bone shifted (doing too many heavy chores when I should have been resting).   Anyway, thanks to the nice folks at the clinic, my friend Zoran and Dino who carried a dryer upstairs to help me, and my friend Larissa's mamma who made me some magical herbal salve in the mountains of Montenegro.

The aquedotto from Lake Barcis empties
into the irrigation canal network here  

View northeast toward Monte Raut

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