Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Colle delle Lastre

A few more inches of snow on Monte Cavallo over the weekend, so thought I'd see if it's deep enough to snowshoe.  At first the trail was packed down so hiking boots were sufficient.  At the snow meadow I turned right onto Passeggiata delle Malghe and began climbing.  At Casera Casserate I noticed a footpath headed to the west up a little valley, and decided to try it.  After a few minutes the snow got deep enough, so I sat on the ruins of an ancient shepherd's hut and donned my snowshoes.

The trail now descends and climbs a series of consecutive conch valleys through Colle delle Lastre until finally reaching the paved road from Castaldia to Col Alto.  This road to Col Alto was snow-covered, but enough 4WDs have driven through to pack the snow, so I just hiked with boots.  Before long houses appeared and I reached the car.  Good workout through beautiful country.   

Monte Cavallo Gruppo from Passeggiata delle Malghe

The footpath heading west

Ruin of ancient shepherd's hut; no mortar, just stacked rocks

Looking back east at Casera Casserate

The second conch valley

The third and final conch

Road to Col Alto


  1. I love your posts. I used to live in Maniago and have been to many of the places you ride and hike. I miss Italy. Ciao