Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bornass Test Climb

I changed my click-clacking bottom bracket bearings and needed to do a climbing ops check.  So I rode down to Costa, up by Madonna delle Monte to Rifugio Bornass.  Beautiful clear day with no wind and just the right chill.  The bottom bracket is fixed!  Success!  

Made it up to 800 meters before the snowy road made me walk 

This trail connects to the area where I was snowshoeing the other day.

Snow-covered slopes above- will have to MTB up there this Spring

Note: the non-driveside Ultra-torque bearing does not contact the crank arm rubber seal as Campy states.  The first time I installed the bearing I continued tapping until it contacted the rubber seal, but the taper of the axle made the bearing very hard to turn.   I took a flat 10 km test ride and didn't detect increased resistance but the added force needed to turn the crank might make a difference on a very long ride or steep climb.  I pulled the crank arm back off and removed the bearing with Park puller.  The bearing felt fine after removal so I reinstalled it.  This time I didn't tap it down all they way till touching the rubber seal: left about a 1/16" gap.  The bearing turns smoothly and easily.  On my climb today it worked great.  So mind the gap!!  

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