Thursday, May 8, 2014

Monte Rest - Sella Chianzutan

Usually when I cross Passo Monte Rest I return via Sella Chiampon, but the road is closed due to an avalanche.  So today I thought I'd try a new route via Verzegnis.  I left early and it was crystal clear and cool.   Crossed Monte Rest without seeing a soul (just one spotted salamander).  Got very cold on the shady descent, and even the climb from the Tagliamento to Priuso didn't thaw me out.  I turned right on SS52 and rode down to Villa Santina.  Shortly after crossing Torrente Degano turn right at the sign for Invillino.  Then turn right off of Via Divisione Julia onto Via Col di Zuca.  This joins SP72 which crosses the Tagliamento on an old bridge.  

The road was marked closed but I thought I'd try it as they often are still passable.  The road winds up the forested hillside toward Verzegnis, but about the time I thought I must be nearing Chiacis the road was blocked.  Excavators have torn up all the roadway so there's not even a path to walk along the edge.  Luckily I noticed a dirt trail descending steeply to the left and thought I'd try it to see if it went through.  Sure enough after half a km the trail returns to pavement at Villa.  From there follow the road to Chiacis and soon you join SP 1. 

This main road, SP 1, was being readied for the Sella Chiazutan hill climb car race next week.  One guy was doing practice runs in an old Peugeot 205.  At the Sella ominous clouds were gathering and I hurried to get down to low altitude before it rained (hailed?)  After Anduins I continued to Pinzano and Sequals.  The wind had picked up and was mostly in my face.  I was very happy to get home, bone-tired.  

From Tagliamento River bridge below Monte Rest

From Villa Santina looking west 

From Tagliamento River bridge south of Villa Santina

Sella Chianzutan with gathering storm clouds

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