Thursday, May 29, 2014

Col delle Palse

The forecast called for rain in the afternoon so I tried to sneak in a local ride this morning.  After warming up to Coltura I turned off for Mezzomonte and headed up.  At 460 meters (by the cemetery) I turned left onto this steep mountain road.  Beautiful sunny climb up to 1358 meters where you join the gravel road from Piancavallo to Il Cansiglio.  I turned right and after 100 meters turned left onto a steep concrete road, which goes up the east flank of Col delle Palse.  I stopped before long because the rocky road wasn't working out with my skinny tires.  Looking at the GPS track I was only a hundred meters or so from joining the trail I MTB'd last year from Valle Friz to Casera Ceresera.

Low-flying clouds had moved in below, and the ride down was chilly.  Lots of drainage channels to keep you from building up speed (probably a good thing).  Back at Mezzomonte I began seeing bikers; they were all over the descent to Coltura and on Via Pedemontana toward home.   

This is a great climb.  I think it's harder and more peaceful than Aviano-Piancavallo, though much less fun to descend because of the rough pavement and drainage channels. 

I stopped here; trail to Casera Ceresera shortly ahead

Forested hills of the alpine zone

Down the concrete ramp toward Piancavallo-Il Cansiglio road
Beautiful scenery you climb through around 1300 meters

Curious horses in the road near turnoff toward Val di Lama

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