Thursday, December 27, 2012

Clauzetto - Orton - Campone

Cold but sunny out, so I left just after 0900 for Travesio.  From there up Valcosa to Paludia, then the road heads up the gorge of tiny Rio Molino.  Around 400 meters you climb above the shadow of adjacent hills and the sun begins to warm you.  The switchbacks end at Clauzetto (500m) where you begin the climb to Orton.  You ascend to Cristo (710m) then down to Orton.  Here you head downhill to Gerchia (517m) and then upward again toward Piani di Clauzetto (665m).

After descending to Campone you reach the coldest part of the ride- the Valchiarzo gorge.  The sun doesn't reach down here in winter so it just stays frozen.  Finally it empties out by Lago di Tramonti, and you skirt the shore to Meduno.  Easy ride home from here.  

Note: I brought my Viner Maxima down from the trainer for this ride.  It felt great- I think this bike just fits me better than the Merckx.  I'm going to leave it off the trainer and try to ride it all winter.  

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