Sunday, December 30, 2012

Castello di Caneva - Osigo - Castello di Cordignano

Perfect winter day-  headed down Via Pedemontane Occidentale to Sarone.  Lots of cycling clubs out today, including 70-100 GC Meschio guys riding through Giais.  From Sarone I rode up past Castello di Caneva and then down to Caneva town.  From there to Sarmede, where I took Via Fracas toward Fregona.  I ascended this last Spring, but took a right turn and climbed to Montaner.  Today instead I rode through Busa and then up Via Borgo Danese to Osigo.  This was a good climb but not a killer like Borgo Canalet to  Montaner.  From Osigo the main road follows the cliffside to Montaner and then you continue to Rugolo.  Here I turned upward again, on Via Rugolet past Castello di Cordignano.  This is more of a ruin of a castle, unlike Caneva which is quite well preserved.  La Conca between Caneva and Vittorio Veneto is  a great cycling area because there are so many combinations of small to medium climbs you can create.

The ride home surprised me- there are several hundred meters of climbing on the way home so I was happy to have plenty of energy and never got tired.  A good finish to 2012.
Castello di Caneva

Eastern edge of the prosecco wine district

Osigo with Col Visentin in background

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