Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pala Barzana

The torrential rains are over and the flood waters are receding- time to head for the hills.  Today I set out for Pala Barzana, first visit in 6 or 8 months.  A shame to visit so infrequently- Pala Barzana is one of the classic Prealpi Pordonesi climbs, along with Il Cansiglio, Piancavallo, Monte Rest, Sella Chianzutan, Monte Prat.  It's very close to home, yet feels like remote wilderness.   

Torrente Cellina was still unusually full of water, as was Bus di Colvera.  All the streams along the climb were foaming and surging with runoff.  Luckily there were no landslides or washouts.  Part way up the climb from Pian delle Merie toward Pala Barzana there was a bad slump in the pavement, maybe a couple of feet vertical drop- no problem ascending but if you were descending fast it might cause a crash.  

Descent to Andreis wasn't bad, but when you reach SS251 the road to Molassa is closed.  I was thinking of riding down there to check out Forra del Cellina, but it's impassible.  The 4km tunnel was fine, just some water half-way across the lane in a few spots.

Traditional mountain house in Bosplans: to go from room to room you must go out
on the wooden balcony- same to go up/down stairs.  That would suck in winter.
Wooden slats are for drying hay

Cloudy rugged peaks north of Bosplans


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