Saturday, November 24, 2012

La Crosetta

Another favorite prealpi pordenonesi climb- La Crosetta is the southward pass accessing altopiano Il Cansiglio.  It starts below Sarone, a perfect warm-up-ride-away from our house.  From here long steep stretches meander across the mountainside exposed to the sun, but it's no problem on this cold overcast day.  Around 850-900 meters elevation the environment transitions to beech forest, shady and cool.  At 1120 meters you reach the forest station at La Crosetta.  You can continue on to Monte Pizzoc (over 1500 meters high) or down to Il Cansiglio, a beautiful grassy plain surrounded by forested mountains.  Sorry, no pictures today, but you can click on "View full route" and click the "play" arrow to see location vs altitude (or gradient) animation.

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