Saturday, July 7, 2012

Val Resia

I rode up the lower portion of Val Resia last year on the way to Sella Carnizza, but I keep reading hints of more little roads to remote villages, climbs, scenery.  Today it's time to go exploring.  From Riesutta I headed up the little valley and soon arrived at the turn off for Sella Carnizza, Uccea and Slovenia.  Instead this time I continued straight toward San Giorgio, which Jerry had mentioned visiting over at  I thought the road up the gorge might continue from there, so I followed it through San Giorgio and up a steep hill where it ended at someone's house (480m). 

I returned back to San Giorgio and found a left turn marked Stolvizza.  This road descended down switchbacks to Torrente Resia, which it crossed and arrived at another intersection. Right for Udine, left for Stolvizza.  I headed left, flat along the river briefly, then began climbing.  At Stolvizza (560m) I turned right onto the road marked Coritis, further still up the gorge.  At first you descend, finally crossing Torrente Resia again at 480m.  Coming out of this low spot is a crazy series of short steep tornanti.  After that the road just keeps getting steeper and finally levels briefly at the tiny village of Coritis (565m).  The Ediciclo guide mentioned the pavement ended here, but no it keeps going.  The climb goes on and on, 700 meters, 800 meters until at 890m I could turn the pedals no more.  I stopped and continued on foot, past 900 then 1,000 meters where the road grew ever worse, finally turning into big river rocks embedded in cement.  I finally gave up even trying to walk, but this road does continue, and would be rideable on a mountain bike.  Not sure where it ends but it's very close to the Slovenian border.

I walked down past the cemented big rocks until asphalt resumed, and rode clutching the brakes because the road surface was so bad until 800 meters or so.  The descent does have some uphill parts, but not too bad by comparison.  Rather than returning via San Giorgio you can follow the river all the way back to Resiutta.

Fun ride through a beautiful remote place.  Recommended!

Torrente Resia from near Resiutta

Looking downstream from the bridge below San Giorgio

 View upstream from bridge between Stolvizza and Coritis

Ridge to north dividing Val Resia from Val Raccolana

River rocks in cement pavement at 1000 m.

Another summit in the north ridge

View west toward Val d'Aupa peaks north of Moggio

Love this large bronze of knife-sharpener's bike.

View of San Giorgio's Slovenian-style church steeple

Overview of ride

The diversion through San Giorgio to Origne

The main climb

Close up of short, steep tornanti climbing toward Coritis

The steep section of death at the end

Note the amount of gradient greater than 13% from Stolvizza to 1000m

15% gradient last 1.25 km 

Final 4km of 11.3% average gradient 

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