Monday, July 16, 2012

Planina Lom da Tolmin

Soča River valley in Slovenia is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.  Broad green pastures, a turquoise river, flanked on both sides by steep spruce-covered slopes.  Here and there you find a small town, or a church with ornate copper steeple.   Numerous climbs scale the surrounding mountains, with magnificent panoramas of the landscape.  And it's easily accessible from Italy via Val Natisone.

I parked at Ponte di San Quirino below San Pietro di Natisone, and then warmed up by riding to Kobarid.  From here I followed the Soča down to Tolmin, and crossed through the town.  I intended to climb Tolminske Ravne but couldn't find the road (turns out you must follow the signs for Žabče).  So I saw another name I recognized and tried that- Poljubinj to Plainina Razor.  The climb is mostly tree-shaded, starting easy at 225m up to meadowy Ljubinj (390m), gradually getting steeper.  It averages 8-9% on the 8km from Ljubinj up to end of asphalt at Plainina Stador (1040m).   The dirt road isn't bad, though it was a little muddy after the 4 straight days of rain we've had.  The grade is easier (2-3%) till Plainina Lom (1060m), a pasture with a couple of huts/small houses with cows mulling about.  I turned around here, though the road actually continues, steeply up concrete ramps and on dirt roads for 6 more kilometers until 1315m at Plainina Razor.  The Ediciclo guide says you need a mountain bike.  Maybe I'll try it next time.  

Kamno from the road along the Soča River

Soča flowing downstream from Tolmin bridge

Kolovrat from Tolmin bridge

Rocky peaks to east

Tolmin looking back up Soča valley

Meadows and villages to the south

Capitello along the road to Ljubinj

Close up peak to east

This area is part of Triglav National Park 

Another shot of the tall rocky peaks to the east 

Most na Soči to the southeast

Village and meadows above Ljubinj

Close up of climb

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