Saturday, December 10, 2011

The old commute to work

Marilyn had some Christmas cards that needed mailing, so I put them in my jersey pocket and headed for the airbase post office. I took the old route I used to commute to work back in the late 90's- early 00's. Nice downhill warmup through Marsure and into Aviano. Then down the Aviano-Pordenone highway to the base. The return trip is all slightly uphill, with a couple steeper stretches in Marsure centro and on Via Pedemontane Orientale below the Hotel Royal.

The ride reminded me of riding home at night after swing shift, sometimes accompanied by friends Doug and/or Clint. That was fun. Then I started thinking about the bike I was using to commute back then, a 1995 Pinarello Dyna-Lite. I was a bit crazy to be commuting on a racing bike but at the time I didn't think much about it.

That got me thinking about the rides a group of us old geezers from work used to do on weekend mornings around 2000-2001. We'd meet in Roveredo's piazza and ride all over the area. Lots of good times.

Short ride today, but brought back some long-gone memories- enjoyed that.

ADDED: I'd heard that Dario Pegoretti had welded some of the Dyna Lite bikes in 1995, so I asked over on Velocipede Salon and he confirmed that it was possible he had welded my bike.  Maybe if I save up I can afford one of his new frames- though they're quite expensive now.  The price back then with Chorus gruppo: ₤4,250,000 or about $2,500.  Not sure you can get even a Chorus gruppo for that now, let alone a top of the line frame.

This picture resembles my bike- same color but without the Banesto stickers
and with Chorus instead of Record

Lovely fork crown; I had low-profile Montreal rims instead of Shamal;
the original gruppo and front wheel are now on the Trek 1220 Clint gave me 

Giovanni Pinarello did my fitting;
"Hai gambe corte" he noted reprovingly ;-)

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