Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Aeroporto La Comina

This has little to do with cycling, though I do ride along the perimeter of this airfield every time I commute by bike to school in Pordenone.   Just after riding past Villa d'Arco there is an enormous flat grassy area on your right.  It isn't obvious it's an airport- there are no concrete or asphalt runways or taxiways.  After a couple of kilometers of riding you do see a few small buildings, and if you look closely there are a couple of light aircraft parked there.  But it turns out this was the first Italian flying school, opened way back in 1910.  That's about the same time the US Army Signal Corps was starting flight training in College Park, Maryland.

La Comina
Very rickety-looking airplane

White markers on the grassy field delimit the runway 

To the west Monte Cesen (1570m) and Monte Visentin (1763m)

Monte Cavallo (2250m) to the north

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