Sunday, November 27, 2011

La Crosetta

La Crosetta's a perennial favorite- an 1100 meter altitude gain, tortuous curves and continuously varying gradient lead to surprises every time I climb it.  Today was particularly nice because the temps were hovering around 0℃ with no wind, so overheating wasn't a problem- just open a zipper or strip off a layer.  At the top the road was clear but the ground had a dusting of snow, so I decided against continuing up Monte Pizzoc.

The descent was fun as ever, followed by the 20km ride home on Via Pedemontane.  This will probably be my last climb from Sarone to Il Cansiglio this year.  Maybe I'll return in March or April.

Flock of sheep near da Regina between Range and Budoia

A few asini under the pastore's watchful eye

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