Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pala Barzana Fall '11

I looked back through the blog and found I'd climbed  Pala Barzana (842m) from the east only twice this year.  I shouldn't neglect it like that.  So this cold crisp morning I took a spin up through Bus di Colvera, then Poffabro (506m) and over the pass.  It was very quiet and beautiful- no cars at all from Poffabro to Bosplans.  There was frost on all the curves so I descended very slowly.  I don't know if it was because I was frozen, but felt like I was going very fast through the 4km tunnel from Barcis to home.

Probably the last ride over the pass in 2011.  I'll try to visit more often next year!

Monte Raut (2025m)

Monte Castello (1983m)

Andreis (480m) and surrounding peaks

Monte Castello and companions from different angle

Mountains to the west of Val Cellina in background 

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