Sunday, June 5, 2011

Artigianato su due ruote

To celebrate the Giro d'Italia stage passing through Aviano (and up Piancavallo), local collectors staged an exhibition of antique bikes, gadgets, jerseys, etc.  The Craftsmanship on Two Wheels show was held at a local historic site, Palazzo Menegozzi.  Great exhibit- especially enjoyed the old work bikes: a postino's bike, a fireman's bike and a knife sharpener's bike.

Moser time trial frame

Early gear changer on Bianchi bike

Lovely Colnago Master Olympic bike

Gelateria on wheels

Heavy duty postino's bike.  Love the helmet.

Pompiera (fireman's) bike

Knife sharpener's bike, with chain-drive grindstone.
These are still in use.

Ottavio Bottecchia's track bike 

Fagin track bike- the frame tubes have been flattened to reduce  drag


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