Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Forno di Zoldo

Giro Stage 15 this year starts from Conegliano, climbs over Piancavallo to Barcis, then up the Torrente Cellina valley, down to Longarone and up again to Forno di Zoldo.  Afterwards it climbs Forcella Cibiana, Giau, and so on.  Today I decided to try the Barcis-Forno di Zoldo section, and possibly even Forcella Cibiana.

Left home just after 7 AM- it was cool and crystal clear.  Up through Montereale Valcellina, and the 4km-long tunnel to Barcis.  The town workers were sprucing up everything for the Giro stage.  Looks like the route will backtrack over the dam rather than crossing the narrow suspension bridge at the north end of the lake- should be safer.

Up the Valcellina to Passo di Sant'Osvaldo at 827m, then down through Erto, alongside Lago di Vajont and the huge landslide of Mt Toc, which caused a tsunami that overtopped the dam and obliterated Longarone below.

After Longarone (473m) the road turns upward again, through a tunnel and then along the gorge of Torrente Maè, climbing though beautiful forest, surrounded by Dolomiti peaks.   Below Forno di Zoldo is the turn off for Forcella Cibiana and another for Zoppè di Cadore.  But there was no way I could do them- it had taken me 4 hours to get here.  Plus I was feeling beat.  So at the top of Forno di Zoldo (a tourist village at 870m) I turned around.

The ride home has mostly downhill slopes, except for Longarone to Passo di Sant'Osvaldo, so I made better time- 3 hours instead of 4.

Looks like  the climbs in Dolomiti Bellunesi are too far away to ride from home.  I'll need to drive closer to the start of the climb next time.   

Forno di Zoldo's church, with dolomiti in background

Snowy peaks above Forno di Zoldo

From Valcellina, over Passo di Sant'Osvaldo to Erto

Vajont dam diaaster site, and down to Longarone

The climb up to Forno di Zoldo, 870m

Lots of ups and downs today

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