Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Col Indes

I've climbed up to Il Cansiglio numerous times, but never checked out this side road from Campon to Col Indes.  I left around 0730 and cruised down Via Pedemontane to Sarone, then headed up the climb.  The lower half (up to 850 meters) is mostly exposed to the sun, so I was soon quite hot, despite the early hour.  I climbed mostly seated, but stood whenever my right lower back began to ache (why it's the right I have no idea).  So the views were lovely, but the bottom half was somewhat difficult. Finally I reached the dense beech tree forest, which blocked most of the heat.  Very pleasant from here up to La Crosetta at 1130 meters.

From here a long cool descent to the meadowy altopiano at 1040 meters.  Quite beautiful this morning, with wildflowers and miles of meadow, surrounded by mountains.  After crossing the altopiano I re-entered the forest at Pian Osteria and continued to Campon.  Here I turned right onto a narrow lane marked Pian Rosada.  This is a wonderful road, completely immersed in dense Red Spruce forest, and then transitioning to tall beech tree forest, with much karst stone protruding above ground in the understory.  I exited the forest after Pian Canaie, then arrived in Vivaio and Santa Anna, where I followed the road for Col Indes.  There's a bit of climbing in these meadows, but after the climb to Il Cansiglio they seemed easy.  

Col Indes (1161 m) appears to be a disused downhill ski area, though it had a very big parking lot and only a restaurant, so maybe people come here to cross-country ski, sled. etc.

I continued up the slanted meadows to Malga di Pian Grande (1211 m), which appeared very popular, as it also had a big paved parking area, with parking ticket machine.  Haven't seen one of those at a malga before.  After Pian Lastre I continued to a stone house and end of pavement at 1260 meters.  A glorious view from here, with meadows covered in wildflowers, mountains to the north surrounding the bowl-valley of Alpago, then across the Piave the towering mountains north of Belluno.  To the west is Lago di Santa Croce, backed by Monte Faverghera, and to the south, stretches the altopiano of Il Cansiglio and Monte Pizzoc.  To the east, stand the mountains leading toward Monte Cavallo.

Easy ride back through the forest, across the altopiano, then down the descent to Sarone.  Quite hot down here by now.  I rode home and the rolling climbs seemed fairly easy, or possibly my legs had gone completely numb.  I'll definitely be returning soon with Marilyn and the pups for a hike and a picnic in that forest.  

Note: apologies for the photos- I forgot to recharge the good camera so I took the old one, which is on its last legs.

Lane through the dense red spruce forest

A grove of towering beech trees

Altopiano, with Monte Pizzoc on right 

Towns of Tambre and Spert, backed by Lago di Santa Croce

Meadows near Pian Grande, with Alpago valley and
surrounding mountains in background
See mountain ridge in background- the notch at center of foto is
Nevegal, where today's Giro d'Italia cronoscalate finishes

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