Monday, July 19, 2010

Cima Sappada - Sorgente del Piave

Today was one climb stacked atop another- first Cima Sappada (1290 meters) from Comeglians (522 meters), then Sorgente Piave (1836 meters) from Cima Sappada.

Got started at 0730 from Comeglians- nice and cool out. Headed up Val Degano to Forni Avoltri (888 meters), then continued up the easy grade to Piani di Luzza. Here the easy grade ends, with an 800 meter ramp of 15%, followed by switchbacks averaging 8.3% to the top. Rested a bit and snapped some pictures, then headed on to part 2.

The route to Sorgente del Piave is a narrow mountain road, with lots of short steep switchbacks, and numerous stretches of 14-16%. It follows the beautiful Val Sesis through the fir forest, with plentiful rapids and waterfalls. Further on, a few meadows open up, with cows and their clanking bells, like a distant gamelan orchestra. The altopiano is covered in tufted grass, surrounded by high dolomite peaks. At end of pavement is a spring where the Piave River begins. I made it to the top at 10 AM, rested, and took some fotos.

I got quite cold on the way down. Felt great, knowing how hot it would be when I got home.

Highly recommend this climb if you get a chance- beautiful backcountry, and though it's steep, it's certainly rideable. Enjoy!

Monte Siera from Piani di Luzza

Monte Pieros (2314 m) from Piani di Luzza

Beginning of the 15% ramp after Piani di Luzza

Monte Curie (2036 m) from Cima Sappada

Monte Siera (2443 m) from Cima Sappada

Mountains to southwest of Cima Sappada

Waterfall on the Piave River

Chutes on the river

Another lovely waterfall

Monte Rinaldo (2471 m) from altopiano

Sorgente del Piave w/statue of Italian WW I helmet

Monte Peralba (2693 m) east of altopiano

Dolomite spire above Rifugio Calvi

Monte Lastron (2449 m) west of altopiano

Dolomite towers along ridgeline

Close up of dolomite formation

Rapids on Piave River

Small waterfall on Piave

Pretty little waterfall on Piave

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