Monday, July 9, 2018

Dietro Monte Ciastelat

I drove to Pian delle More and hiked up the gravel road to the start of trail to Monte  Ciastelat.  First through forest then the grassy rolling plain at the ruins of the casera behind Pala Fontana.  Back into the forest and more steeply to Monte Ciastelat, where you get to do some hands on climbing.  Bellissima panarama.

Descend now into  Dietro Monte Castelat, a fascinating geological area.  Scramble over and around  karst formations, giant cubes, rows of columns of equal height, table top mountains, acres of rhododendron and wildflowers.  It’s almost directly above our house, near Rifugio di Giais.  Highly recommend this hike.

At casera ruderi

Piancavallo landscape

Monte Cavallo Gruppo

Eastern Cavallo Gruppo

Val Cellina peaks


Monte Ressetum

Monte Mezzo  and Pala d'Altei 

Dietro di Monte Ciastelat

Karstic cube

Zuccul Supigna

Parallel columns of the same height

Table top mountain

Karstic boulder field

Parallel cliff faces with snow in between

Table top mountain

Monte Ciastelat looking down at the rock garden

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