Sunday, February 4, 2018

Livenza - Meduna Confluence

I tried this ride a couple of weeks ago but missed a turn and ended up in Azzano Decimo.
Today I was more careful and made it to the bridges south of Prata.  These rivers are both unusual:  the Meduna flows through the mountains west of Tramonti di Sopra, then south until it disappears into the Magredis  gravel beds.   After a few miles it re-emerges from springs near Cordenons.  It then meanders southwestward to the confluence with Fiume Livenza.

The Livenza starts along the pedemontane below Il Cansiglio altopiano.  The water emerges from a big spring at La Serenissima and Gorgazo cave near Polcenigo.  The water is very clear and fast moving.  It heads south through Sacile and Brugnera before joining the Meduna.  From here the Livenza meanders south to Caorle on the Adriatico.

On the ride home a storm blew through but I didn’t get too wet, just a bagnato gratis.  Fun!

Meduna River bridge

Meduna River bend

Livenza River bridge

Livenza view north toward its origin

Livenza flowing toward the sea

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