Friday, November 3, 2017

Venezia delle Nevi MTB

Sunny cool day perfect for a tough climb.  The first section is paved, rising from Dardago, past Chiesa di San Tome to end of pavement at 584 meters.   This brings you to a trailhead, a gravel road heading steeply upward.  I managed pretty well up to around 700 meters eleveation, but then the trail becomes less dirt and gravel and more rockpile.  I fought my way upward awhile and then realized I would go faster with less effort just pushing my bike.  I think one of those moon tire bikes might work, but the weight of the tires and wheels might be even worse.  So I continued like this, with a few brief riding attempts, most of the way up to 1000 meters elevation.  Here the trail becomes a bit less steep and less rocky.  Eventually you intersect the paved road from Casera Campo to Piancavallo.  I coasted down to Bornass and then took the backroad past Madonna della Monte.  Very tired now.

Beautiful Croda di San Tome

4-Season Favorite Training Ride
Via San Tome 

Strada della Venezia delle Nevi

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