Monday, February 27, 2017

Zuc Schiaramont

Today a ride to Forgaria in search of Castello Raimondo (confusingly there is a place by the same name in Le Marche regione, so instead I'll use the Friulano name Zuc Schiaramont).  I tried stopping at Forgaria's municipio, where many of the artifacts excavated at the site are displayed.  Unfortunately it was closed, so I headed up the hill toward San Rocco.  Eventually I reached a marker for the castello at Via Coletti, pointing toward CAI 814 trail.  I decide to ride as much of this paved section as possible on Fedaia, and succeeded until the last 20 meters or so when it got up around 18%:  I don't have the legs for that yet this year.  I walked around and found the trail to the castle, also another trail called Las Gratolatas.  Didn't hike today but I'll come back soon and hike up to the elusive castello. 

Sign on Via Coletti in Italian, Friulano and English

Site map at trailhead

The 18% bit

Photos of artifacts

Details of the site history (dates back to 4th century BC)

Trail to castello

Trail to Las Gratolatas

Primule proclaiming Springtime!

Another shot of Las Gratolatas

The climb

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