Saturday, February 13, 2016

La Crosetta

Finally a sunny day.  I decided to try climbing Monte Pizzoc if the road was clear.  We had some rain down here so I thought it might be snowy at altitude.  Road was clear until around 900 meters then gradually turned snowy.   It's been plowed so no problem ascending though still slippery to descend.

After La Crosetta I continued to the turnoff for Monte Pizzoc: no dice. Ankle-deep snow on the steep gradient.  So I turned back.  The weather had clouded up, which was fog at this height.  Lower down it was gloomy overcast.  I rode home in a semi-frozen state and took a hot bath to thaw out.  Maybe next week I'll go snowshoeing.

Frosty branches lit by sun

I'll try again in April

More hoar-frost covered beech trees

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