Monday, March 23, 2015

Col delle Palse

Beautiful Spring morning so I thought I'd try a climb.  I rode down Via Pedemontana to Polcenigo, turned right at Coltura and climbed up to Mezzomonte cemetery.  Here I turned left and rode up the narrow lane toward Col delle Palse.  The gradient is difficult so I tried standing to climb more often than usual.  Seemed to really help.

Around 1200 meters I ran into a patch of snow or two and didn't think much of it.  Then I reached the  switchback end and it was too deep to ride. I carried the bike 100 meters then the following long traverse was clear so I remounted.  Alas at the next switchback the same occurred- I carried the bike again.  Then the road was clear of snow at the base of the killer concrete ramp, so I had to climb it: not as bad as I remembered.  At 1320 meters snow was everywhere so I surrendered.  Have to come back in a month or two and try again.

The first portage

You can see the Piancavallo-Cansiglio road up there: only 40 meters higher

The killer concrete ramp, unfortunately clear so I had to climb it.

This is the road continuing upward

Nice stand of beech trees in the snow to the east

The climb

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