Sunday, January 12, 2014

Castles and Caves Foothills Ride

Finally a sunny day for a favorite foothills ride.  No big climbs but plenty of shorter ones, some of them quite steep.  Tons of other bikers out- people have been going stir-crazy from the rain.

After warm up on Via Pedemontane you turn toward Sarone and continue up to the right turn for La Crosetta.  Instead of turning go straight, passing below Castello di Caneva.  Descend to Caneva and continue to Villa di Villa. Head up the hill toward the backroad to Il Cansiglio, but don't turn onto it: head for Rugolo instead.  Shortly you pass Castello di Cordignano on your left.  Lots of saliscendi on this road with some 15%.  At Rugolo turn right and ride through Montaner to Fregona.  Here turn right and climb up through Grotto di Caglieron to Colors.  Via Colors is a beautiful looping ride through pastureland with mountains above, ending in Vittorio Veneto.  Take a left to Anzano, then follow the signs for Il Cansiglio, climbing to Fratte.  Now descend to Cappella Maggiore, continuing to Sarmede, Caneva and home.  Wonderful ride.

Note: I didn't take many pictures because there was a cloud of wood smoke along much of the foothills.  In this weather it hangs in the air instead of blowing away- wood stoves becoming too popular!    

Monte Pizzoc from Via Colors

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