Friday, August 2, 2013

Tolminske Ravne

I drove to Kobarid, Slovenia, parked, then pedaled down the east bank of Soča River.  This is a quiet country road through a gorgeous river valley- one of the nicest leisurely bike rides I know of.  Eventually you approach Tolmin along the steep sides of Kozlov Rob, topped by Grad Tolmin castle ruins.  When you reach the main road, turn left and descend to the bridge across Tolminka River.  Immediately after climbing out of the gorge, turn left on road marked Žabče.  Be careful because if you miss it and take the next left you go up the wrong mountain, like I did last year Planina Razor.  Once you reach the little town of Žabče there is a sign directing you to go right toward Zadlaz.  This winds around along wooded hills till about 445 meters, where you begin descending steeply to a bridge across Zadlaščica River (370m).  Now you climb short switchbacks steeply out of the gorge, then the switch backs get longer (but just as steep: 5.7km averaging 9.2%).  This part of the ride is in dense forest, with some clearings where you can view the panorama. 

Eventually you arrive in a big meadowy area with a few houses, the town of Tolminske Ravne (920m).  Great views of the the surrounding big peaks.  There is a path leading to Planina Razor (1315m) which I hear is mountain bikeable.  Have to try that.  Descent was easy, then back down the beautiful east bank of Soča River.  Great ride.

Note: my Garmin's elevation read 50-60 meters low the whole ride- I needed to set it manually but forgot. 

Sveti Bric (Santa Brigitta) at Volarje

Close up Sveti Bric

Kozlov Rob (Billygoat Hill), topped by Grad Tolmin

Grušnica, from above Zadlaščica River

Javor (1361m); note road climbing to Tolminske Ravne

Zabijska Vrh (772m)

The valley and ascending road (looking back toward Tolmin)

Close up of ascending road (Tolmin church steeple in notch)

Hillside with haypole ( pre-hay roll method) 

Edge of town

Thatched-roofed stone house

 Grušnica (1570m), left; Bogatin (2008m), right

Bogatin (2008m), left; Tolminski Kuk (2085 m) middle;
Planina Razor meadows (1315m), right 

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