Saturday, October 29, 2011


Set out this morning intending to climb Pala Barzana (842m) from Poffabro.  I rode through Maniago, then the fantastic gorge of Bus di Colvera, and up Val Colvera.  A few months ago when I descended from Pala Barzana the main road was closed from Pian della Merie to Poffabro, and traffic was diverted through Valdifrini.  So today just before Poffabro I decided to take the deviation through Valdifrini in case the main road was still blocked.  The narrow lane has been recently repaved and is quite nice.  Still steep as the dickens for about a half kilometer though- as you can see below, it surpasses 16% at points.  I was compelled to stand which was a good test of my back's recovery- didn't feel any pain.   

At the junction with the main road another surprise.  They were having some sort of timed car race over Pala Barzana to Poffabro, so no one was allowed to turn westward.  Luckily I had arrived a few minutes before the start, so they let me ride east through Pian dell Meria to Poffabro.    It was a lovely autumn day with the leaves turning color so I still enjoyed my ride.  Especially pleasing was the roar of white water through Bus di Colvera following recent heavy rains.   And I made it home early enough for a nice hike with the pups on our local pista ciclabile.  Nice Saturday!

Torrente Colvera roaring through Il Bus

Autumn leaves along the old road above Bus di Colvera

Water-carving rock in progress

Forest of Monte Jouf above west wall of Bus di Colvera

The near-vertical forest lane through Valdifrini

Elevation profile

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