Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Palu di Livenza

After a couple of weeks of colds, fever, rain, finally it's over.  Sunny but cold today so I kept the ride short to avoid a relapse.  Headed west on Via Pedemontane Occidentale past Trota Blu ( a restaurant surrounded by lakes, artesian fountains, ducks, swans) then turned left toward Palu di Livenza.

This is an unusual place- to the northwest, a very steep mountain ridge climbs from sea level  to 1200 meters.  At the base of this mountain range, rivers of springwater gush from the rocky cliffs.  In the valley between the mountains and a line of glacier-moraine hills lies a marshy area called the Palu.    

It's a large archaeological site where prehistoric people lived thousands of years ago. People were attracted by the area's abundant food, and plentiful reeds to build with.  It is an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Further along the road you pass behind the hills of San Floreano.  This is a lovely nature reserve of trees, animals, and lots of popular hiking trails.  At the top are meadows and a farm with sheep, horses, orchards, big vegetable gardens.  Also an agriturismo or tourist farm where people stay and enjoy country life.  

After Polcenigo I headed up the back road through Santa Lucia, Budoia and Castello d'Aviano.  The climb up through Marsure was pretty easy, even the 7-8% stretch.  I survived despite my lingering cold symptoms.   But I must remember to take a pack of fazzoletti next time- riding with a cold is quite awkward.

Monument to family blown up by Nazis  in 1945.  After Italy surrendered in 1943,
 the Germans became their enemy and brutally punished the Resistance for the next 3 years

The family's home after the explosion

Among the victims these innocent bambini

The archaeological site at Palu di Livenza

View of the Palu

The northwest side of Parco San Floreano

Castello di Polcenigo

Palu di Livenza

Lower Palu di Livenza

The forest and meadows of Parco San Floreano

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