Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nevegal-Monte Faverghera da Belluno

I was delighted to read on Italian Cycling Journal that the 2011 Giro d'Italia will include a climbing time trial from Belluno to Nevegal.  Can't wait to see the racers speeding up this steep grade against the clock.  To celebrate the news, I decided to ride the course.

Last month I rode from Lago Santa Croce to Nevegal-Monte Faverghera.  Today I followed the same warm up from Vittorio Veneto up over Sella Fadalto to Lago Santa Croce.  But this time I continued through Ponte nelle Alpi to Belluno.

From here there is a nice climb up to Castion.  Shortly afterward the road shoots skyward, gaining 550 meters in 5.5km (about 10%), with stretches reaching 15%.  The terrain is beautiful dense forest, which looked great in Autumn gold.

After the steep bit, you reach grassy meadows and then Nevegal (1000m), a ski center.  The time trial in the Giro won't include it (as far as we know) but the road continues switchbacking through the forest to 1400 meters.  Beautiful views of the surrounding Dolomiti peaks on this crystal clear day.

Descended rapidly (and coldly) to Nevegal, then headed down the route I rode last month to Vich and Lago Santa Croce.  It has some awesome long steep straight stretches which are a blast.  Just keep your eyes peeled because the hairpins arrive very suddenly!

After skirting the flat lakeside, I climbed briefly to Sella Fadalto, then another fast curvy descent to Vittorio Veneto.  Awesome ride!  Should be a great Giro stage.

The gradient from Belluno to Monte Faverghera

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