Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Barcis - Col Alto

Did a bit of work on the bike yesterday.  Took the tire off rear rim because it had a hole in the sidewall and the tube was beginning to extrude through it, so I booted it with a piece of tough plastic wrapper.  Also the new rim had a burr where the rock at Passo Pura struck it.  So I sanded that flat.  Also replaced plastic cleat on left shoe- it was getting pretty sloppy, clicking and clacking and squeaking.  For some reason my cleats don't wear the same on right and left shoes.

Today was absolutely gorgeous- no haze and not even a cloud over the mountains.  That is rare here.  But I couldn't ride this morning because I had some repairs around the house I promised to make.  Afterwards though I hit  the road.

I had to be home in 3 hours to feed the dogs, so I decided to ride up through the tunnel to Barcis, then around to the back of the lake and head up the road to Piancavallo (Col Alto actually).

The climb was beautiful- the gorge is covered in trees still full of green leaves and needles.  The sound of the torrente was very soothing.  A small deer ran across in front of me and down the slope.  The grade wasn't too bad, constantly varying between 7-13%, with elevation gain of 990 meters.

At Piancavallo I headed up to Col Alto, which has a beautiful alpine road down to Caldastia.   The views through the clear air were lovely, all the way to Slovenia.  At Caldastia I joined the main road, descending for miles on smooth pavement, exhilarating tornanti.

The remaining kilometers up the Via Pedemontane to home revealeded how tired my legs and back were.  I think they're still sore from Pian dei Grassi on Sunday.  But I still made it home in under 3 hours, so can't complain.


  1. Bill, Do you ever stop for a: snack, drink, coffee, etc on these rides?

  2. No, I usually just drink on the run from Camelbak and water bottles. I stopped buying Powerbars and Gatorade because it was expensive and didn't taste that great. Lately I've been making a pot of peach tea, with a teaspoon lite salt (for electrolytes) and a couple tablespoons of honey. So far it's been working great. I'm very hungry when I get home though.

  3. Hi, Bill

    Once again, the pictures are great. I can see why you need to replace fluids and electrolytes. Hope I can ride my bike a lot more when we travel soon.

    The peach tea sounds yummy !