Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lago di Cavazzo- Interneppo- Bordano

Cold day. Rode through Arba and Pinzano to Lago di Cavazzo, Interneppo, and Bordano. North of Pinzano, La Strada di Bottecchia passes under the cliffs of a refuge for griffoni (see http://www.riservacornino.it/listaimmagini.html ), jewel-like Lago Cornino, through Peonis, then along beautiful Lago di Cavazzo, and up over the pass.
Stopped at the murale di ciclisti tornante (see http://italiancyclingjournal.blogspot.com/2010/01/cycling-monuments-memorials-plaques-etc_22.html ) to take some close ups of the paintings for a friend. Nice view of Monte Chiampón from up there. Cruised down through Bordano and looked back to see Monte San Simeone behind, then continued between the cliffs of Monte Brancot and Fiume Tagliamento to Trasaghis. What a beautiful place!

Strada di Bottecchia

Monte Chiampón

2°C out, rode 116 km in 5 hours. HR 158.

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